KRACKLE is the new music night by Lowriders Rotterdam where we explore the fringes of electronic music.

KRACKLE pays tribute to key figures from the (local) electronic music scenes.

KRACKLE benchmarks underexposed genres and international structures.

KRACKLE curates concerts and navigates curious audiences through the trees and the void.

KRACKLE cooperates within local and cross-border communities, venues and networks.

KRACKLE focuses on experiencing unique sounds in a matching setting.

KRACKLE provides context on its program and the latest developments.

KRACKLE is conscious and strives to counter imbalances.

KRACKLE is a radically divergent way of doing something different.

KRACKLE is sound.

KRACKLE is hybrid and aware of what is happening around us.

KRACKLE is about experience, surprise and infestation