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Friday November 22
Krackle #1: TENGGER, Jay Glass Dubs, DJ RJM Vanderheyden
Doors: 20.00 uur; Start: 20.30

An evening around the immersion, the hypnotic and meditative vibe. An evening leaning on dubs and rhythms. We explore the spatial effect of sound on the mind.

<< Krackle Concerts is dedicated to exploring the fringes of contemporary electronics. KRACKLE focuses on clashing, abrasive music and immersive performances. Experience, surprise and immersion are key. >>


TENGGER is a traveling musician family consisting of Marqido (Japan) on laptop & analog synths and Itta (South Korea) on various instruments, toys and vocals. With these ingredients, electronics, drone and psychedelics, TENGGER builds a special musical palette that results in an exciting repetitive sound that balances between kraut, minimal and drone. They recently released records on the Guruguru Brain in Amsterdam, Beyond Beyond is Beyond Records and Extra Noir in Korea.

Last summer they presented a specially designed cassette player on Instagram:

recommended for anyone who like Laraaji, Cluster and or Neu!

Jay Glass Dubs

This Greek finds his inspiration, as his stage name suggests, in heavy spatial dubs from the Jamaican studios but also through the European post-punk. This unique combination has been filling our music collection for years. His output is large but also very consistent in quality and is constantly evolving. He started with cassette releases and slowly grows to vinyl, he is linked to labels such as Bokeh Versions from Bristol, and the London labels Berceuse Heroique and Ecstatic. He has a number of remarkable collaboration projects to his name with, among others Leslie Winer and Not Waving, the latter resulting in the exciting Forma as Not Glass.

RJM Vanderheyden

Robin JM Vanderheyden recently released an interesting cassette on the Rotterdam cassette label No Hay Banda. She shares her version of how a modern soundtrack for the film Contes Immoraux (Borowczyk, 1973) should sound. She combines experimental music, field recordings, soundtracks and samples in an exciting way. A sultry soundscape for a spicy movie. RJM Vanderheyden explores the corners of genres, where it becomes gritty, dark and intense.

RJM Vanderheyden is part of North Sea Wolfpack; a Rotterdam, The Hague based collective of female producers and DJs. Besides, she makes raw experimental noise like Baglover with Ziggyzerfall and recently started Vot’ress with Acidic Male.