Thursday March 26
Krackle #2: Michel Banabila, Ale Hop, Rem Gow
Doors: 20.00 uur; Start: 20.30 

With Krackle #2 we explore the grounds in the wide range of ambient as music for the universe. We love these explorations in time, sound and textures shared in wonderful sketchbooks called records and performances. 

Michel Banabila 

Photo by Gerco de Ruijter

has been active since the 1980s as a musician with a distinct diverse and extensive oeuvre. He incorporates many different genres into his music and connects it to a unique musical spectrum of his own. Banabila mixes electronics with chamber music just as easily as winds with field recordings. The influences vary from sultry spatiality and loops to contemporary post-industrial sampling and sound collage techniques. Every release is different but you always recognize the Banabila touch.

Ale Hop 

Peruvian performance artist, researcher and musician living in Berlin. From noise and distortion she creates ambient-like drones that arise from an extensive network that she builds around an electric guitar. She uses real-time sampling, combined with effects in addition to the distortions of her voice. It often leads to an intensive, almost physical experience.Ale Hop has been working steadily in recent years on a live reputation combining the experiment with traditional music from the Andes.

Rem Gow 

is DJ and recordcollector and has frequent radio shows on Operator and Red Light District. Next to that he has been active as a producer and curator within the cultural world in the Netherlands for a long time. His focus on musical themes has brought him to the outskirts of, electronic, music and beyond. He has a very specific and brought interest in ambient music.