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Thursday September 24th
start: 20.30
fee: 10,- only presale

Krackle #4
Red Brut (NL)
Nobuka feat. Stefan Kollee (NL)
ABHB dj set

Our first COVID-19 dive into a concert setting. We kick-off our new season setting with two artists that explore lo-fi electronics in their own way.

Please be so kind to follow the instructions before, during and after the concerts by the organisation so we and Worm can continue the concerts.

Red Brut

She surprised us with her debut on (K-RAA-K)³ in 2018. The release was a delightful walk in loose sound bites connected to casual structures and begging finds that connected everything to refined sound collages. Last summer she released Cloaked Travels on a joined venture with Finnish labels Ikuisuus and Lal Lal La. The gritty textures squeaky noises and space are carefully put to gather into incidental compositions and have a structure that has sometimes an almost song like feel.
Red Brut is very well connected in our local underground scene. She has been active as a musician for years in bands and as a distinct performer.

Nobuka feat. Stefan Kollee (NL)

Our first encounter with Nobuka was the ‘Dissolve’ release that came on Barreuh Records as a cassette early 2020. We were touched by the tactility of the sound collages and the composition. Just when this was settling in we heard ‘You Looked Like an Angel, She Said’ which really knocked us out of our socks: A suite for his departed mother. The approach was the same but the introspective touch was heavy with the knowledge of the circumstances. The sound collages create an awarenesses and a presence that is almost tangible.
And then, this summer he releases ‘The Body And The Madness’, a collab with Stefan Kollee (The Naked Sweat Drips). A mutual attraction for Charles Bukowski inspired their collaboration. The 7 tracks release is a great exercise is balancing between hosting the voice and taking the lead. Very intriguing song writing.