****CANCELLED ****

Saturday Oktober 31th
Start: 17:00 and 20:00
Fee: €7, presale only

Piloot (B)


We have had several tracks in our bi-weekly playlists since we’ve started it. Their cassette releases on the Spanish Mascarpone Discos are a dive into another world. Somewhere between sound exploration and experimentation. Piloot is an instrumental trio formed in Brussels in 2015 by flutist Florian Guibert, double bass player Cyrille de Haes and drummer JP De Gheest. It looks like a straight up band but it doesn’t feel like that. We hear soundscapes, improvisation in electronics.
‘Cloaked under a veil of electronic music and anchored in experimental Jazz, Piloot steers its unpredictable trance machine into a cosmic climax.’ writes Piloot on their site and we can agree on that. As a listener you will experience the compositions as a slow, immersive excursion in a parallel world that is recognizable.Piloot collaborates with visual artists, dancers, writers or other musicians, the trio has shown an all-too-rare artistic integrity. They also created soundtracks for film and in 2019 Piloot developed the concept of Laboratoire Sonore, a monthly basis and for 3 consecutive sessions, the trio takes over a venue and sometimes invites particular artists to perform with.Feels like early Kraut, slow jazz, drone ambient


Krackle’s own DJ team. They curate the concert series and the spotify playlists. Record collectors and always on the lookout in the outskirts of the electronic music spectrum. Obscure blogs, instagram and bandcamp are their grazing grounds. They love it when it’s squeaky & noisy