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Thursday December 10th
Start: 20:30
Fee: €5

Radboud Mens

Radboud Mens

Radboud Mens is a sound artist, composer and sound designer. He started creating noise machines in 1988. in the early 90’s he attached contact mics to dog’s brushes. He used them to destroy vinyl records by scratch-playing, boosting the signal through broken cassettedecks and recording the results. From 1997 on he has released over 20 solo albums, music that is more minimal and conceptual.Together with Geert-Jan Hobijn he forms the audio-art collective Staalplaat Sound System. They create sound-art installations and perform with them, usually outside of a museum, in an immediate environment or industrial settings, urban public spaces or in nature.


Photo by Viola Lam

Amsterdam-based Wanderwelle is an electro-acoustic duo with Phil van Dulm & Alexander Bartels.

All Hands Bury the Cliffs at Sea is Wanderwelle’s debut electro-acoustic performance, which consists of wailing odes to an environment at risk by focusing on the dramatic effects caused by receding coastlines around the globe.

Last April, ambient music duo Wanderwelle released their fourth full-length album titled ‘A State Of Decrepitude’ on the Los Angeles-based A Strangely Isolated Place. The artists composed a soundtrack to humanity that once was, inspired by the many aspects of impermanence and facets of decay. What can seem like closing credits to our world today, can in fact help shine a light on the fragile beauty we find in the everyday. During the pandemic, Wanderwelle continued to dive into the concept of decay and elaborated on the destructive forces of nature, enhanced by the climate crisis. They composed a new body of work, inspired by first hand experiences and meetings with local maritime experts on the subject of receding coastlines.

‘All Hands Bury the Cliffs at Sea’ tells the story of the everlasting activity of eroding waves and winds shaping the land. All are reminders of the temporality of man’s existence and its surroundings. It makes one aware of our short presence on Earth. A repress of A State of Decrepitude will be available the coming months.