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Hans Beekmans

With our annual program we want to offer genre-breaking experiments as part of an exciting exploration. We are engaging the adventure as much as possible. The evenings will consist of concerts full of surprising contrasts.
Electronic music offers the opportunity to become a total experience through a different way of presenting, in a more challenging context and with a more exciting structure for the evening.

We select musicians who emphasize their performance and are looking for other forms of presentation.
With our annual program we want to achieve that, in three areas:• Bring out the relatively underexposed aspects of electronic music.• Not only present this during a live experience (offline) but also• archive (online) on our website.

For the program series, we create context through a website where we collect, write and share background information. We will do interviews with artists, invite writers, specialists and / or journalists to write reflections especially for the evenings. We create a playlist, refer to relevant articles and connect them to both local and international scenes.At the same time we archive the information regarding what we organize. Different media are merged into an informative space where the aim is to give substance and depth to the performances.

To illuminate the suburbs of electronic music and bring them to the attention of a new audience through thematic programming. Introducing a diverse and curious audience to music that has a reference to their taste, but that is rarely heard or experienced.
With Krackle we want to explore the adventure as much as possible by offering genre-breaking experiments full of surprising contrasts that arise as a result.

Yours truly,

Hans Beekmans